POETIC and EMOTIVE storytelling. CAPTURING life's MOST HEARTFELT memories in a way THAT SPEAKS to your soul.

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As a mother myself, I know how important these memories are to you. Having children is truly one of the most beautiful experiences we can be part of. The love we carry for our littles, and our family, is immeasurable. I know how every stage, every fleeting moment, is just as precious as the next. I know what the role of being a parent means to you, how much it has filled your soul and caused you to grow in ways you could never imagine. 
We want to capture the essence of childhood and the beauty in every stage. The connection between you, each one, as unique as each family.
I focus on connection and play-based portraiture. You won't find perfection and stiff posed images here. Instead, you will find raw, real, and emotive artistry that captures and shows the love you carry.  
Creating a safe space for families to unravel and be themselves, a place to allow kids to be kids. I walk families through a series of play-based prompts, creating real emotion and real memories behind every image. Making it a fun experience for your littles so they want to come back ensuring they enjoy their photography experience. With a developmentally aware photographer who understands each stage, I make the effort to make your children feel seen, heard and not only comfortable in front of my lens but a space where they can shine and let their unique personalities shine. 

So, when you look back, you not only remember the fun you had in that moment with them but you can go back in time and see them as they were in that moment and really preserve all the beautiful things that made them so special at every stage as they grow. 



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You found your soulmate, you fell madly in love, and you are about to start your life, this next chapter, together, by promising forever. 
This day is about celebrating you, a day where friends and family come from all over to witness your love and be part of it. It's a pretty beautiful day, and it means more to you than you can really put into words. 
 I know this is a day where you get to be present in this moment and what this is about, with the people you love all in one space. I know these memories, from the photo's of your ceremony, the two of you, to the candids of those you hold dear. Every single one tells and will tell the story of your lives and how you got to this place. 


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The name Of Ocean And Earth is dedicated after my daughters, mother and my grandmother.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time by the ocean  and  was instilled with a  deep appreciation for the earth that carried on through to my daughters. 
I wanted to dedicate something to honour everything they are to me.

My photography journey all started in the fashion world. With a love for all art forms, I quickly fell in love with high-fashion portraiture. I travelled the world determined to shoot high-end fashion work for the greatest designers, but through this chapter, I fell in love with more. Over the course of my growth in photography and in my life, I fell in love with capturing the deeper meaning. The experience of living life's most moving moments and all forms of connection and love.  As a deeply sentimental soul, it lit something in me and inspired me to do more. 

I've always been an artist and an admirer of everything that makes us human. It's a beautiful thing: love, emotion, connection. We radiate when we laugh and we reach for each other when we hurt. I truly believe that is what life is about. Deep conversations and connection, those moments that move you. The experience of life, love, joy, the people that light your soul. I get to freeze those moments to hold onto and relive forever, and I know that's not something to take for granted. 

Our lives are worth remembering and our story is worth telling and passing down from generation to generation.
When your hair turns silver and your skin shows all the beautiful lines of your life, you deserve to look back on the incredible life you lived and all of the beautiful people you got to share it with, and you deserve to experience it in a way that brings you back to feeling everything.

I want to help you preserve it all.


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