intentional, soul centred, education for artists 

Mentorships, workshops, and portfolio building days for creatives Looking to make conscious growth with intention

photography education





a portfolio building shoot helping you feel more confident in your DSLR. focusing on working with light & how to create emotive posing

editing & post-production

building a business out of your passion

2 hour shoot catered to your ideal target market & brand. In studio or on location - to build your portfolio. 
Understand your camera deeper & how it works with different light, posing, creating an experience & what to look for while capturing moments.
I show you how I work & then guide you in creating magic & pushing yourself 

Mentorships &


30 minutes of post-production where we load the images, edit a few & complete a mini critique.

30 minutes of diving into behind-the-scenes of the business, your brand, your client experience, marketing, workflows and systems.





curated workshops


a minimal-styled shoot curated to your dream brand

30 minutes diving into the behind-the-scenes of the business, brand, client experience, marketing, workflows & systems

editing & post-production

behind the biz

2 hour shoot catered to your target market. Whether that's an adventurous elopement at an epic location or an in-depth editorial session - to elevate your portfolio. Walking you through posing, creating an experience for your clients & what to look for in capturing moments. 
I show you how I work & then guide you to creating magic & pushing yourself as an artist


30 minutes of post-production, where we load the images, edit a few & complete a mini critique

your brand & your why

1 hour where we take a few updated shots of you for your branding & dive deep into your why, your vision & what's holding you back. You leave feeling deeply connected to your purpose





Me and my team

THE experience

Providing a five-star client experience from beginning to end with a team dedicated to giving you the best. Putting care into your imagery and the experience behind it.  


A photographer and team that cares - we understand how important these memories are. That you want someone who takes the time to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera and take the time to pose you well.
Someone who is going to look for all the little moments that mean everything to you.


She tells the full story of your day from start to finish. Mixing a journalistic style catching all the little moments of connection, laughter, tears and in between that mean so much, with an editorial flare. Knowing when to step in to direct what needs to be directed for that perfect shot, and when to step back and let the natural moments unfold without interruption. 

1:1 mentorships


a more in-depth styled shoot curated to your dream brand

editing & post-production

behind the biz & your brand identity

your why & your journey

3 hour, well-curated shoot aimed to elevate your portfolio  at an epic location/venue with all the fine details.
Learn to connect with vendors, create mood boards & execute a dream-styled publish-worthy shoot.
Learn posing, creating an experience & how to capture moments.
I show you how I work & then guide you to creating magic & pushing yourself as an artist.
I also capture images of you in action.


1 hour of post-production - we load the images, edit some & conduct a full critique.
Learn workflows to maximize your time & create balance, so you spend less time in front of the computer while still creating quality work

1.5 hour diving into the inner workings of business & your message, brand, client experience, marketing, how you show up in your business & systems. 
You'll learn how to make your business stand out & how to create that well-rounded experience.
Ending with a mini-branding shoot for your business to help you bring that vision to life

1 hour on your why, what inspires you, your vision & what's holding you back. How to create balance to avoid burnout while chasing your dreams & ditching self-doubt & imposter syndrome.
Make a plan for your journey & you leave feeling deeply connected to your purpose. 
Helping you hone your art & stand out as the unique artist you are.





portfolio days


one hour phone call

open book conversation

ask anything from camera work, to post production to business

no holding back, just two friends and a whole lot of info



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