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how it started

The name Lilly Ann Photography is dedicated after my mother and my grandmother. Lilly for my mother, Ann for my grandmother. The two women who raised me and instilled the love of art I hold today. I wanted to dedicate something to honour everything they are to me.

      y photography journey started in the fashion world. With a love for all art forms, I quickly fell in love with high fashion portraiture. I traveled the world determined to shoot high end fashion work for the greatest designers, but it was through this chapter I fell in love with more. Over the course of my growth in photography and in my life, I fell in love with capturing the deeper meaning. The experience of living life's most moving moments, and all forms of connection and love. As a deeply sentimental soul, it lit something in me and it inspired me to do more. 

I've always been an artist and an admirer of everything that makes us human. It's a beautiful thing, love, emotion, connection. We radiate when we laugh and we reach for each other when we hurt. I truly believe that is what life is about. Deep conversations and connection, those moments that move you. The experience of life, love, joy, the people that light your soul. I get to freeze those moments to hold onto and relive forever, and I know that's not something to take for granted. 

Our lives are worth remembering and our story is worth telling and passing down from generation to generation.
When your hair turns silver and your skin shows all the beautiful lines of your life, you deserve to look back on the incredible life you lived and all of the beautiful people you got to share it with, and you deserve to experience it in a way that brings you back to feeling everything.

I want to help you preserve it all.



artist, photographer
 Owner & CEO


A sentimental soul with a big heart and a big determination to make beautiful things happen. A dreamer determined to do more in the world.
Creating emotive artistic imagery and an experience to remember. Nina is the founder of Lilly Ann Photography. A multi-award-winning, globally published photographer dedicated to preserving the most important moments in life in a way that draws back in all the emotion. A mother of two, a philanthropist and an artist. She bases her art around the human experience and our connection to each other and the earth. 

Cheif operations officer, client communication, systems management


this is us

A beautiful mind with a heart of gold. The girl who never stops learning.
Client communication and booking organization is key and this is where she shines. 
Sarah is the face of our client communications and handles everything from walking our clients through our booking process to answering all of your questions and organizing your photography experience and creating automated systems to keep everything running smoothly. She cares immensely about ensuring you receive the best service and feel well taken care of from your inquiry until after your photos are delivered and beyond.

social media


A bubbly ray of sunshine with a big heart and a creative mind.
Gabby is our social media specialist. She handles organizing and creating the best way to display content across all of our social media platforms and our engagement so our clients can find us, without it taking away from your photographer working on your images. 

my why

I want to teach my daughters the sky is the limit. To chase their dreams and do what sets their souls on fire. Being a mother is by far the most important thing in my life. However, I want to show my daughters they can do anything. The best way to inspire them is to show them firsthand just what they are capable of. 

"you are braver than you believe, stronger than you feel, and wiser than you know"

kailee f


Nina is the most amazing person. Never in my life have I seen someone so passionate about their clients and their work. I had so many compliments on my wedding photos. Not just the “Oh, these are nice photos” I got “Wow, your photographer was able to caption the emotion.” 

wedding client